Words of Grace from a Professional Witch (284 Pages)

Words of Grace from a Professional Witch (284 Pages)

Drawing the Circle
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From the Introduction:

I have been writing many books of many kinds;

Books of Shadow, spell books, prayer books, volumes of journals written in my own hand.​ Then there's thumb drives, hard drives, and Cloud of Shadows.

The thread running through them all is grace.​ Grace is a Divine and mystical thing, the Breath of God, in my case, The Gods.

Grace is both noun and verb.​ It is a paradox and ironic,​ in that we pray to receive it, while it permeates all of life.​ We yearn for it and it is closer than our own breath.

It is at the core of  my work as a professional intuitive, spiritual counselor, teacher, and Witch.​ To be a channel and translator of grace into words is my vocation as a mystic.    

The language of the prayers is both spontaneous and specific.They are recorded first, as part of the Words of Grace audio content for our​ Drawing the Circle website subscribers.

They are representative of the NOW when they are recorded and as a result, appear to be universal,​ appealing to all moments in the NOW.

Then there's the issue of ending each prayer and/or practice with:​ "So mote it be. Amen."

I am a Witch, a professional one.​ This book is essentially my Book of Shadows for the graces.​ But grace is universal, as are my students and clients.​ My only criteria for either is:  All who harm none are welcome.

Honestly, it's all just words and I've been ending prayers with "Amen" since I could speak.​ It comforts, shall we say, the Non-Pagan people.​ Muggle feels pejorative in this context, though I love the word.

But I am a Witch and "So mote it be" for me, is dominant and therefore proudly included.

It is my hope that there is something in these pages​ that will serve and open you to the grace that is already yours.     

Blessed be,

Mark A. Lyons